Past Recipients

Read about the success of our past John W. Jung Memorial Scholarship recipients, all who have gone on to graduate from or are currently enrolled at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.


Nathan Brooks, ‘15

Nathan is our newest John W. Jung Memorial Scholarship recipient and was awarded the honor in July 2011.

Nathan is a Waterford Union High School Graduate, who ranked top 20 in his class and was an active Drum Major in the school’s Marching Band.  Nathan possesses talent in forensics and choir and participated in Badger Boys State in 2010, an honor that John W. Jung also received when he was Nathan’s age in high school!

Nathan is pursuing a major in the biological sciences at UW-Madison and intends to enter the field of Medicine. Nathan impressed the Scholarship Committee with his honesty, integrity and zest for life. Nathan is eager to get involved on campus but wants to keep an open mind to the idea that he may try many new things once he has arrived. He holds a great regard for trying new student activities and will epitomize the sifting and winnowing tradition the UW experience provides. Welcome to the family Nathan!


Cody Ostenson, ‘14

In just one short year, Cody Ostenson has made a huge impact on the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  He also happens to be the 2010 John W. Jung Memorial Scholarship recipient!

Cody was elected as a first-year representative of the Associated Students of Madison, the student governing body of UW-Madison. He has since become the Student Council Secretary.Through this esteemed leadership position, Cody has been able to meet many faculty and staff including Dean of Students Lori Berquam and former Chancellor Biddy Martin.

“This new slate of responsibilities and challenges helped me to find a strong inner voice, as being the youngest executive officer on ASM often required me to be more vocal and persuasive about my opinions,” says Cody. “I will be on Student Council until November of this fall and will be interested in seeing how this new session of members will view ASM and its responsibilities.” 

Cody is majoring in English and was accepted into the Creative Writing program last year.  He is already working with grad students to fine-tune his writing skills.

He has also joined the Lake Street ranks!  Cody was accepted onto the Homecoming Committee and will now help plan each Homecoming celebration for students and the greater community for years to come.

“I am now officially a member of the WAA family and have learned why all of the WASB and Homecoming members have spoken so passionately about these two great organizations. I can't wait to devote my time and effort into celebrating the UW this fall, and I hope that this means I will get to see a lot of you when you come back to celebrate with us!”


Gintare Paskauskaite, ‘13

Gintare is currently a junior at the UW-Madison and was our standout candidate and recipient of the 2009 Scholarship.  Gintare and her family moved here from Klaipeda, Lithuania just over a decade ago, in the summer of 2001.

“The first couple months were hard, since I barely knew any English,” says Gintare. “I started [in the] fifth grade, and with the help of my teachers and classmates as well as tons of hard work, I was able to catch on to the language and adjust to life in America.”

Gintare learned about the John W. Jung Scholarship online, through the Wisconsin Alumni Association website. What drew Gintare to the scholarship was John’s life story.

“I was very impressed at what a big difference he made at Madison. The scholarship has helped me not only financially, but it has also encouraged me to get involved and participate in various events happening on campus.

Gintare says she’s made many new friends and tackled some tough classes during her first two years at the UW. Gintare was accepted into the business school in 2010 and started taking classes towards an Actuarial Science degree. She is currently pursuing a double-major in Actuarial Science and Risk Management as well as a certificate in German.

Gintare is now a member of the UW Actuarial Club. At the end of the 2010-2011 school year, she was elected as the Social Officer for the 2011-2012 calendar year. Gintare is now busy planning club kickoffs, class socials, sports activities and several volunteer events. She also works as a “Badger Business Buddy” where she serves as a mentor to freshman planning on applying to the school of business.

Over the summer of 2011, Gintare studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark for six week.  She took two classes at the Copenhagen Business School, made friends with many international students and got to travel to Sweden and Norway. After the program, Gintare was able to make a very special trip to Lithuania for two weeks to visit family and friends. 

Gintare is not neglecting the rich campus life available to students. For the second year in a row, she has Badger Football season tickets and she loves attending the games. She was also lucky enough to go to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl on January 1, 2011. She enjoys musical concerts and other events during the year as participates in as many All Campus Party events as possible!



Amelia Kelsey, ‘12

Amelia is our 2008 Scholarship Recipient. Amelia started at UW in the fall of 2008 and recently transferred to UW-La Crosse to continue pursue her degree in Elementary Education, with a minor in English.  Amelia is very close with her twin sister Alyson.  Transferring to UW-La Crosse, the two sisters are now reunited.

“I don't regret anything I experienced in the two-and-a-half years that I attended UW at all,” says Kelsey. “I grew so much from the experiences—my sorority, living on my own, UW as a whole, working at a daycare on the southside of Madison.”

Amelia is one of three girls born to JoEllen and Jack Kelsey, who reside near the Chippewa Flowage in Hayward. That’s where Amelia continues to work every summer.  In addition to Amelia's best friend and twin sister, Alyson, she’s also close with her younger sister, Anna. Anna will soon be attending UW-La Crosse, too, so now all THREE Kelsey sisters are together!

As a junior in high school, Amelia's cousin almost died as a result of a serious car accident involving alcohol.  At the age of 16, Amelia’s relative was put on life support.  At one point, the family was told their daughter may not survive.  Months later, Amelia's cousin regained portions of her memory and learned to resume her daily routine.

"What really opened my eyes was that she not only hurt herself, she affected each and every person involved in her life," says Kelsey. "It's a careless act that could have been prevented."

Amelia has always worked to prevent drug and alcohol abuse amongst her peers. To educate youth and teens about dangers like these, Amelia helped organize Red Ribbon Week throughout the Hayward School District during her high school career.

Now, Amelia works at the Mathy Boys and Girls Club of Greater La Crosse.  She volunteers at Emerson Elementary School in two second-grade classrooms and she looks forward to working in more this coming year.

Amelia reminds us of John because when she realized she needed a change in course in order to fulfill her educational dreams, she seized the challenge and made it happen.  She is excelling at her studies in La Crosse and is surrounded by supportive sisters every step of the way.

“I just want to again reiterate the gratitude that I have for the scholarship that you so graciously rewarded me,” says Kelsey. “It really helped out with my tuition and helped make my dream of attending UW, even for a short time, possible.”


Eileen Malloy-Molzberger, ‘11

Eileen Malloy Molzberger was our very first JWJ Memorial Scholarship Recipient and will always be near and dear to our hearts! Eileen is scheduled to graduate in late 2011/early 2012 from the UW with a degree in Biochemistry.

She has spent previous summers in Boston, interning in the Bioscience Lab at MIT. She most recently returned to MIT to work under the direction of the well-known Dr. Michael Cox, in his biochemistry lab, as well as in one of MIT’s geobiology/gemochemistry laboratories. Eileen is publishing a paper and building her experience in the field before she dives right into more academic work.

Eileen has plans to complete more research in the biochemistry field over the next year. After that, Eileen will pursue further education, including her PhD! Eileen has plans to apply for graduate school at MIT, the University of Chicago, UC San Francisco, Harvard and, of course, the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We’ll let you know where she settles!

In her free time, you could find Eileen at the stables. Eileen has always had a passion for horses, has been a competitive equestrian and loves taking care of the animals.

“My horse is doing really well!” exclaims Malloy-Molzberger. “I'm sharing him with a friend out at a local barn, who rode him all summer while I was gone. I'm so glad to have the barn to help me de-stress.”

We can only imagine, Eileen! We take time to acknowledge Eileen, still to this day, as one of the most tenacious students we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Some of our applicants are simply inspirational, having overcome major struggles with alcohol abuse in their families or physical challenges or academic challenges. Eileen does not have 20/20 vision and suffers from vision loss greater than what can be accommodated with corrective lenses. Still, she has advocated for accommodations she has needed throughout her education to excel in spite of this challenge.

Eileen Malloy-Molzberger says everything she has learned about John reminds her a lot of what she has come to learn about her father. Unrelated to his death, Eileen’s father at one time struggled with addiction.

“My dad faced alcoholism issues and died when I was six months old,” says Eileen. “He had been working to get over it, just like John, but in the end was unable to. So I felt a connection with John and with this program.”

Celebrating the life of John Jung by recognizing student achievement and helping those with addictions, mentoring incoming students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and spreading awareness and researching strategies to help educational institutions and hospitals confront the issue of addiction among students and medical professionals.

Dynamic, encouraging and creative are all adjectives that friends would use to describe John Jung. John was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana on February 24, 1978. As a young boy he moved back to Wisconsin and attended grade school in Waukesha. He then moved to Brookfield where he attended junior high and graduated from Brookfield Central High School in 1996.

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