Purpose. To select qualified and ambitious leaders currently attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a first-year freshman for full-time undergraduate studies.  The scholarship is intended to assist student leaders in good academic standing who demonstrate financial need. 

Applicants. John W. Jung scholarship recipients will be chosen through a competitive application process.   Finalists will be chosen from the first round of applications for interviews as required.  All interviews will be held at the Wisconsin Alumni Association at 650 N. Lake Street in Madison, Wisconsin.

Qualifications. Qualified applicants will demonstrate the following characteristics: leadership skills, academic excellence, financial need, community involvement, extracurricular involvement and a desire to complete a post-secondary education.  The most important criteria in the selection process will be demonstration of leadership qualities and potential for continued leadership at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Financial need is the second most important criteria.   

Award Amount. Scholarship recipients will receive an award worth $1,000 per academic year towards tuition at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The amount of the award will be paid directly to the tuition office in full prior to the start of the Spring semester, subject to the maintenance of the grade point average and community service requirement as discussed below.  The scholarship may be renewable for one additional academic year for continued studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.   

Requirements. Scholarship applicants must complete the attached application and provide additional information as stated.  A scholarship committee comprised of current UW-Madison students who are members of the Wisconsin Alumni Student Board, as well as Lake Street Alumni and friends of the John W. Jung Memorial, will review the applications and will invite selected applicants for an interview process. Scholarship awards will be made by January 15 of the recipient’s first academic year.  Scholarship recipients may be asked to provide confirmation that they will continue their second semester of studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison by January 15 of their first academic year. 

Scholarship recipients will be expected to maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 throughout the period in which they receive the scholarship award.  Recipients who do not maintain a 2.5 GPA will not be eligible for the award the following year.  Recipients are also expected to devote ten or more hours to community service per semester, preferably leading and organizing a community service event for fellow students. 

Recipients will network and receive mentoring from friends of John W. Jung—both current students and alumni of the university.

As friends and family of John W. Jung, we are committed to carrying on his name and work by providing opportunities for young leaders to obtain a world-class education and learning experience.  Good luck and ON WISCONSIN!

Celebrating the life of John Jung by recognizing student achievement and helping those with addictions, mentoring incoming students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and spreading awareness and researching strategies to help educational institutions and hospitals confront the issue of addiction among students and medical professionals.

Dynamic, encouraging and creative are all adjectives that friends would use to describe John Jung. John was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana on February 24, 1978. As a young boy he moved back to Wisconsin and attended grade school in Waukesha. He then moved to Brookfield where he attended junior high and graduated from Brookfield Central High School in 1996.

The John W. Jung Memorial Fund is set up through the UW Foundation. If you would like to donate to the John W Jung Memorial online, please click here.


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