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Jason Wollering - Posted on Dec-06-2011


Sally Jung - Posted on Jan-11-2012

It has been a little over 5 years since John died, and I can barely acknowledge that.  I proudly tell you who might read this that I am John’s mom.  Memories?  Attending John’s performances at various establishments on state street.  I will stop right there.  Congratulations to the recipients of this scholarship.  Thank you from the deepest part of me to those who have put so much effort intO honoring my son.  Since John died I went back to school and will graduate this April as a 57 year old registered nurse.  I use John’s stethescope in my clinical practice.  I have a very real opportunity to go to Haiti this April to assist those who are still suffering from the earthquake.  I miss my son.  Earlier that year before he died he told me I was 2nd on his speed dial.  We often talked more than once a day.  I will never recover from his loss.  I know that so many were touched by his charisma.  I know that so many beyond me loved him.  This is the first time since his death I have been able to even acknowledge it.  God bless us all.    sally jung

sally jung - Posted on Jan-11-2012

Just an FYI.  John was born in South Bend Indiana on Feb 24th, 1978.  His bio says he was born in Fort Wayne.  No.  South Bend.  sally jung

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Jared Waterman, PA-C - Posted on Feb-18-2012

Not really knowing John, possibly meeting him only once during the Law Vs Med School flag football at Camp Randall game started the very first year of All Campus Party, I was recently tuned to his memorial site from Mr. Robert Stutman a retired DEA speaker and promoter of anti substance misuse training providers as myself. 

John’s father stood up during Mr. Stutman’s speech a few years ago, and Mr. Stutman still share’s that story of John’s life and tragedy when speaking medical providers who prescribe controlled substances.  A BIG RED thank you to Mr. Jung for sharing his painful story so other’s like myself may benefit.  My condolences to Bob and Sally.

Jared Waterman, PA-C
UW Physician Assistant Class of 2009

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Celebrating the life of John Jung by recognizing student achievement and helping those with addictions, mentoring incoming students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and spreading awareness and researching strategies to help educational institutions and hospitals confront the issue of addiction among students and medical professionals.

Dynamic, encouraging and creative are all adjectives that friends would use to describe John Jung. John was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana on February 24, 1978. As a young boy he moved back to Wisconsin and attended grade school in Waukesha. He then moved to Brookfield where he attended junior high and graduated from Brookfield Central High School in 1996.

The John W. Jung Memorial Fund is set up through the UW Foundation. If you would like to donate to the John W Jung Memorial online, please click here.


UW Foundation

P.O. Box 78807

Milwaukee, WI 53278-0807